Just as recent as this week, I spoke with another client that chose to work with a different big national firm to list their property in Spokane property…  They were promised by that company they new all the right buyersspoiler alert…that is usually code for “we will show your property to who we want to and won’t show it to who we don’t want to..  Unfortunately, that was the case and this client was wishing they would have worked with SVN because we live out our motto of compensated cooperation.  Most firms still try their best to sell their listings to their friends… That does not serve clients needs best and that why the SVN Difference matters..

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The SVN brand originated in 1987 out of a desire to improve the commercial real estate industry for all stakeholders through cooperation and organized competition. Today, the SVN organization is a globally-recognized commercial real estate franchise, comprised of over 1,600 advisors and staff in more than 200 independently owned and operated offices around the world. Our brand pillars represent the transparency, innovation and inclusivity that enables all our advisors to collaborate with the entire real estate industry on behalf of our clients. SVN’s unique Shared Value Network is just one of the many ways that SVN advisors build trust and create amazing value with our clients, colleagues and communities.